Des lignes et des aplats. Avec maZoot, dans la rue de Turenne

Stencils in St Hil with Mary-I-Am

Mural made on Mars with Ine. July 2019

New mural in progress at Kawon with the habibis

Black and White by Thilo Remini.

Mural for Kawon’s bookshop in Madaba

Team Hassan and I

Amman streets with Hassan

The Blaze – Queens in Amman, Jordan

Arabic patterns for Kawon Café  in Madaba, Jordan

Arabic patterns in Kawon’s record room. (Patterns taken from the graphic novel Habibi ♥ )

Flowers on the ceiling of Kawon café

Bombing in Marseille – Photo by Ocahha Gartner

Two mural paintings made in Ozernoe, Kazakhstan

In Biji-Biji, WE MAKE THINGS – Klang Town, Malaysia

Safety Monkeyz! in Me.Reka FabLab – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

See no powder – Breathe no sealer – Ear no grinder

[[You are the lock You are the key]] – in Me.Reka FabLab, Kuala Lumpur

Rooftop Mandala – Klang Fab, Malaysia

Love typography :) made with black markers

A life ago, in Hungary

Map of the world made with old stamps in my flat

The following murals were made with my friend Gaëlle Pezzani for the office of « Orange Applications for Business » in Montbonnot. (2014)

Having fun with posca, working for Babylon