New mural in progress at Kawon with the habibis

Mural for Kawon’s bookshop in Madaba

Team Hassan and I

Amman streets with Hassan

The Blaze – Queens in Amman, Jordan

Arabic patterns for Kawon Café  in Madaba, Jordan

Arabic patterns in Kawon’s record room. (Patterns taken from the graphic novel Habibi ♥ )

Flowers on the ceiling of Kawon café

Bombing in Marseille – Photo by Ocahha Gartner

Two mural paintings made in Ozernoe, Kazakhstan

In Biji-Biji, WE MAKE THINGS – Klang Town, Malaysia

Safety Monkeyz! in Me.Reka FabLab – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

See no powder – Breathe no sealer – Ear no grinder

[[You are the lock You are the key]] – in Me.Reka FabLab, Kuala Lumpur

Rooftop Mandala – Klang Fab, Malaysia

Love typography :) made with black markers

A life ago, in Hungary

Map of the world made with old stamps in my flat

The following murals were made with my friend Gaëlle Pezzani for the office of « Orange Applications for Business » in Montbonnot. (2014)

Having fun with posca, working for Babylon