NowDoorThe Now door at Farm az Noah 2015

DSC_1118Dreadlock beads for HeadstrongHippie 2015

DSC_2348Pendants for HeadstrongHippie 2015


Wood tattoing at Farm az Noah 2015

The Chill Out Hotel – Decor for Boom festival 2018

IMG_6662Signs for Boom festival – Portugal 2018

dsc_6553Signs for Boom festival – Portugal 2016

Masking tape designs on painted wood – Signs of 1m x 1m for Boom festival 2016

« Passe trappe » made with my deer friend Krisztian in the Trantrangest place on Earth

warningWooden signs for Farm az Noah 2016

P2090113Wooden sign for Farm az Noah

DSC_0933Wooden signs at Farm az Noah

DSC_2747Dreadlock beads for HeadstrongHippie

DSC_3015Bracelets for HeadstrongHippie

DSC_1109Wooden mandala

arlaWooden sign for Arla Ranch – Alaska 2013