I love maps.

But this one .. is the bloody map of Klang Town… It’s weird, sometimes I have a vision for a project (it looks awesome in my head) and somehow, when I start making it, it turns out completely different from my first idea. I don’t question anything, lost in the process, I just keep on going, for after a while, realizing that I’m not doing what I wanted. Here, I was dreaming about this fun and cartoonish black and white map of Klang, with funny quotes and spots to visit. Loads of details, much contrasts, cool shit lah! I ended up making this google-style plain, flat map with random colors. It traumatized me for months since it was on the main wall of our dorm and I left it half done for ages. I finally got it done before leaving; now, with some steps back, I feel like it’s not THAT bad…