Kawon Study Room

Many people come to Kawon bookshop to study as it is one of the rare quiet and cosy place in Madaba.

In addition to the cafe and the outdoor sitting places, we decided to turn one of the room of Kawon bookshop into a Study Room.

The requirements were :

  • A big storage capacity for all the academic books
  • Steady studying desks
  • Bright, cosy and quiet atmosphere
  • Upcycled, handcrafted furnitures
  • A place to sleep

Here is how the room looked like BEFORE :

And NOW :

In order to gain space and get loads of light to work, we decided to make tailor desks in front of each windows.

As they were higher than regular tables, we had to build special stools for them. We found some old metal stool in a junkyard on which we added a chunk of trunk to raise the seat. Then YuLin carved some planks for the back and ‘bzz bzzzt’ we attached it all together.

Kawon bookshop is partially ran by volunteers, so it’s necessary to have places to sleep ‘here and there’. We designed the attic/mezzanine with a little bedroom upstairs :) The nice window was added by David.

The metal structure of the mezzanine was built by our beloved blacksmiths, and we did a ceiling with pallets. Under it, we have two full walls of shelves. Credits to Fuu ad Laura who did the massive job of categorizing the books !

Always with the idea of saving space, the stairs contain all the dictionnaries :) A local carpenter manufactured them from our design.

Folding table : The 5th studying desk is inside the stairs. Tiny hidden spot for the odd ones :)

Last but not least, we added more shelves on the walls.. which was not an easy task as we had to cope with those not so flat stones…

Big Thanks to my kakis David Dawson & Laura Paganella for the pictures.

نجارين : Someone with Y, someone with A.

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